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At USA Samurai Shotokan Karate Do Academy, we care about the needs of our students. We are sensitive to everyone's unique abilities, and we understand that our students learn differently according their level of dexterity and aptitude. The teaching style is adjusted in order to fit each student's learning style. We welcome students of all ages and abilities. One of our goals is to help improve the health of our students with a regimen of physical fitness training. Stress release is a fringe benefit of exercise. Our other goals include the improvement of concentration, self-control, and discipline which will overlap into other areas of daily living. Our students are encouraged to reach the highest level of proficiency that their talent allows. We don't use intimidation to motivate improvement. We ask our students to push themselves to do as much as they can do, but we never force anyone to the point that they get hurt. Our students can feel free to discuss with the instructor what their personal goals are, and the instructor will work with them. No one will ever be forced to do an activity that they are not comfortable with. The safety of our students during class is our number one priority. We make every effort to make the class a comfortable learning environment. We believe in inclusion, and our door is open to students who need accommodations for special needs. If the student approaches training with a willing spirit and a positive attitude, we will help the student reach his or her maximum potential. Furthermore, we will provide private training in the home if the student is unable to attend class because of a physical limitation or restriction. We will make whatever accommodations necessary to ensure that the students can enjoy the benefits of learning karate.

Students of All Ages Welcome Learn Self Discipline and Self Defense

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